Lubisz wyrażać swoją opinię i o niej dyskutować? Przeczytaj krótki artykuł o Europejskim Parlamencie
Redaktor: Marek Sipko   
Relacja Julii Kaczmarczyk z klasy III B.

Willing to get out of the school chores? I've got an offer. Enrol for the European Youth Parliament's session. I've heard many times how beneficial and enjoyable those events are. When eventually I happened to participate in a few of them I can recommend the experience to everybody. It's a great opportunity to develop your public speaking skills and, most importantly, to meet amazing, full of courage, creative people. You can get to know how actually the Parliament works and exchange your thoughts on (un)common topics. As you become immersed in the organisation's worldwide structures, you can gain experience from media/press or organising domains all around the world. The possibility of travelling and developing international friendships stands right in front of you! For more information check EYP's Facebook profile as well as