#DiscoverEU - Nie wahaj się! Przeczytaj krótki artykuł o inicjatywie Komisji Europejskiej i podróżuj
Redaktor: Marek Sipko   
Relacja Julii Kaczmarczyk z klasy III B.

Last summer I experienced an adventure of a lifetime. During 17 days I visited 7 countries, 14 cities and got amazed by thousands of views. Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Bologna, Vienna... it's just a little part of where I've been. The most astounding number of the excursion is 5000 km on the train, which was possible thanks to the initiative called #DiscoverEU. It is the European Commission's proposal aimed at young people which gives them an opportunity to win a free Interrail ticket. DiscoverEU Pass is synonymous with borderless rail travel through Europe, providing multi-destination train travel across the continent. With just one single ticket, European residents have the ability to travel through up to 30 different European countries during up to 30 days. You simply get to travel all around Europe and find out how beautiful the continent is. Last summer 15000 young people obtained the opportunity. This ticket is  the EU's gift for its 18th birthday :)
The second round opens very soon. All young people, born in 2000, can submit their applications. You can choose between travelling individually or as a part of a group. The ticket will be valid between 15th April to October 31st 2019. For more information and requirements check youdiscover.eu and 'European Youth's' Facebook profile! Don't miss the online application dates. It will be open from 29th of November to 11th of December 2018. Wish you good luck during the selection and have a nice trip!